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Nahum's Story

Toward the end of Christ’s ministry among the Jews, He encountered a young rich man. The young man was apparently a believer in God, but when Jesus challenged him to give up all his wealth and follow Him, the young rich man found himself unable to make so great a sacrifice. Throughout Christendom since, this young man has been viewed as someone who failed to fully accept Christ’s message. This book is an imaginary story about that Young Rich Man. It is my testimony that everyone who hears the voice of the Lord—by Him, through the scriptures, or by one of His servants—has the opportunity to repent and change their lives. Who this rich man really was and what happened to him the scriptures do not tell. I prefer to believe that he found his way to Christ and did his part for the kingdom. This is his story and the story of so many who have found peace through repentance after wrong choices.

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