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The Nightmare of Living Under the Dictatorship of Idi Amin...and Surviving

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Sometimes we forget that life is so different in other parts of the world. Vincent Musaalo is sharing his experiences of what life was like growing up in an oppressed country driven by fear and murder. Although his family suffers the loss of a dear loved one, his mother is determined to keep the family together and, with her faith in God, raise her children with a hope and determination of a better future. Although the circumstances are less than favorable, Vincent spots his book with the light mood and humor that can arise from circumstances of youth, no matter where one lives. It is a story about a family trying to survive under extremely horrible conditions. It is surreal to think that many Ugandans indeed survived Idi Amin's regime of blood and terror. Those who survived this debacle, will forever have indelible memories of whizzing bullets that were ubiquitous at the time on Kampala streets, as confused masses jockeyed to find refuge in inconceivable places, hoping to cheat death.